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Call Us Today (402) 277-7400   •   921 E 12th St, Wahoo, NE 68066

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas


Quality Steel for Oil and Gas Operations

The oil and gas industry needs steel castings that can’t fail. Omaha Steel focuses on effective, safe applications with all that we do. Failure of a casting in the field can result in serious safety hazards and unneeded risks. Along with safety, the environmental concerns can be significant if a failure occurs in the field. Omaha Steel’s quality helps you mitigate your risk, and maintain smooth, efficient operations with each casting. Quality and strength are what we have built our company around. Our steel castings meet your specific applications and demands in the field because both your brand and ours get associated with each part. We excel at castings serving your needs for oil and gas storage, transportation, extraction, and energy.

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We Meet the Most Technical Demands

We know there will be little room for error, and we attack each project with the same focus and determination you do. In fact, we invite you into the process through our Ascend E² Solution Initiative. Our engineers work directly with your engineers and understand every aspect of the project. The resulting castings meet the most exact technical specifications and mechanical properties required.

Top Performance in Any Environment

Components for the oil and gas industry must perform in a wide variety of environments. All are harsh. Whether it’s an environment that typically sees cold, warmth, or varied temperatures through the year, we have the ability to pour metals that stand up to the issues each one brings. Also, our engineering team works with yours for design and creation of the most dependable, effective part. We cast parts that hold up to heat, cold, wear, abrasion, and corrosion. Our experience with multiple customers operating in oil and gas distinguishes Omaha Steel as a foundry for meeting your unique needs.

The Best Part for Your Need

Whether the casting you need is large or small, our team of engineers, metallurgists, molders, and pourers ensures the castings from Omaha Steel exceed your expectations. We excel at low-carbon and low-alloy castings, and we offer a variety of other casting materials if you need them. Our engineering and metallurgy teams ensure we meet the most stringent specifications and mechanical property requirements. We can even improve existing castings. We also design, engineer, and cast completely new designs through New Product Initiatives or production castings. Plus, Omaha Steel provides a one-shop contact point for design, engineering, casting, testing, and finishing.

See how Omaha Steel benefits your oil and gas operation through our expertise within the industry and our team of qualified experts.

See Us Up Close and Personal

Seeing in person how we implement our processes, and how they contribute to quality castings, can go a long way towards making the right decision. Schedule a tour with Omaha Steel, and we’ll give you an in-depth look at our commitment to quality.