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Call Us Today (402) 277-7400   •   921 E 12th St, Wahoo, NE 68066

Industry Applications

Industry Applications


Omaha Steel produces steel castings for a wide array of industrial applications. Whether you need a part weighing half a pound or need a part weighing half a ton, Omaha Steel provides you the best part attainable. We realize every part we produce is mission-critical. No matter how small or how large, your part will need to perform reliably, even in harsh, adverse conditions. And it may need to handle potentially corrosive and dangerous materials. We hold to the notion that failure of a part in the field is not an option, and we cast steel parts with durability and reliability that exceed expectations.

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We Meet the Most Technical Demands

We know there will be little room for error, and we attack each project with the same focus and determination you do. In fact, we invite you into the process through our Ascend E² Solution Initiative. Our engineers work directly with your engineers and understand every aspect of the project. The resulting castings meet the most exact technical specifications and mechanical properties required.

Industry Applications - Valves

Valves and Regulators

Valves and pressure regulators ensure safe, functional operation across a myriad of industries. If you need to control the flow of fluid or gas in high pressure or low pressure applications, Omaha steel capabilities will assist greatly. Our capabilities include engineering, design and steel casting of parts with intricate geometry and applications.

Industry Applications - Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry presents complex challenges, and Omaha Steel helps you meet each application. Whether you need a part for drilling, refining, or transporting petroleum, or for handling waste products related to it, depend on Omaha Steel for durability, safety and reliability.

Industry Applications - Mining

Heavy Equipment

Whether your mining operation takes place above ground or below ground, Omaha Steel knows efficiency and durability are keys to success. Our parts withstand heavy duty use and harsh environments and provide you long service life.

Industry Applications - Transportation


American industry depends on transportation. Whether your part serves the trucking, railroad, or shipping industry, we engineer, design, mold, cast, and finish parts that keep payloads secure, keep industry moving, and enable proper function over the long haul.

Industry Applications - Government


Local, state and the federal government have unique steel needs. We’re familiar with and understand those needs and meet them with a high level of success. Whether your component need is on land or sea Omaha Steel holds the certification and credentials to meet your stringent requirements.

New Markets

Industry constantly evolves, creating new markets and new opportunities. Depend on Omaha Steel for innovative solutions that work and take your project to the next level.

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